Intellectual Property Finance & Valuation

Our Intellectual Property Finance consulting unit is comprised of lawyers, economists, econometricians and accountants, each with practical experience of intellectual property and financial matters. We are dedicated to providing a broad range of professional services which are traditionally not offered by IP firms, ranging from valuation, exploitation and monetisation to the sale of intellectual property assets.

We use sophisticated legal, financial, technological, and economic analyses to provide strategic, thoughtful and tailored advice on:

  • IP valuation and appraisal;
  • IP asset based lending;
  • M & A support & due diligence;
  • IP competitive intelligence;
  • determination of royalty rates;
  • licensing strategies;
  • financing strategies for IP based startups; and
  • quantifying intellectual property damage claim.

Our experienced team provides clear and structured written and oral advice in:

  • commercial transactions;
  • corporate restructuring strategies;
  • litigation;
  • governance & regulation and
  • public policy issues relating to IP